Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Now Our Heroine is Cookin' with Gas!

Lappie 3.0 is in the house and he's already a beloved member of the family.

I have SOOOOOO much stuff to tell y'all! But not tonight, because I already posted one thing, and I'm a sleepy heroine. So blogging will pick up properly tomorrow.

How do y'all feel about a post on French film? Mais non? Then maybe something on that stupid movie about that guy who hates his ex-girlfriend and goes to Hawaii to forget her or something. I'll see.

(Thanks to Papa Juliet Foxtrot for the insightful installation advice and numerous puns on the word "PC-cillin"!)

Our Heroine Issues a Mea Culpa

We here at The Decanonon (and really, that's just me) do try to credit content from other sites when we use it. But in my post, Our Heroine Is Not A Raptor Sympathizer I did not credit the creator of the most awesome velociraptor cartoon of all time with a via http://xkcd.com/.

That was a long time ago, and I'm not sure why I didn't, though I know it was accidental. Anyhow, it's fixed now, belatedly, and I want to offer a kind "thank you" to Oliver Babbles for his gentle reminder to me to do the right thing.