Thursday, May 24, 2007

Our Heroine Has Intestinal FORTITUDE!!! Eats PORTIONED Meals!!! Enjoys NOURISHMENT!!!

I don't know why things like this crack me up, but they do. If I had the powers of the strange like these folk(s) I would definitely run around putting the strange everywhere, including eBay. (h/t Dale Price)

Some of my favorite bits of feedback:
  • Millenia ago your merchandise roamed free. I didn't bid then and I won't now.
  • There was NO REASON for you to call my house and yell at my children. Still, A+
  • Nux VOMICA! I invoke you, BEAST! But I only do so because you are HONEST! "A++"'

Read the whole thing: eBay Feedback Profile

Our Heroine Has a Predilection for Sundresses

...especially those of the citrus-hued persuasion. Look at this super-sunshiny cute dress I bought at ATLoft this past Monday with my Mom, who insisted I should wear it with a white cardigan over it, and then bought me one to drive the point home. *Sigh* I love dress shopping!
Wearable sorbet.

Our Heroine Prints a Correction

I was so excited I typed too fast and made a boo boo: The Weakerthans are performing in New York City on June 22, not the 23rd as I wrote last week. I've also corrected the original post.

Special Guest Post by: Our Heroine's Brother

The Lost season finale was last night, and here are my brother's comments on the episode. Once again, the level to which he thinks these things out is sort of frightening. It should, of course, go without saying, that if you read further, you will encounter spoilers.

I was disappointed overall...I was expecting at least one big question answered and we didn’t even get a minor question answered, except for why Ben was so mean to Karl (so he wouldn’t get Alex pregnant).

We are now 60% of the way through the show and we know zilch about the Island’s location, origin, native population of “hostiles” and what they’re about (why do they follow Ben? Why don’t they age), the source of the islands powers, what the monster and the whisperers are, who Jacob is, who and what Naomi and Penny are each working and looking for etc. Where the visions of Eko’s brother or Walt are coming from. What happened to Michael? None of the billion inter-character coincidences have been explained, from Libby’s giving Desmond the boat to Charlie saving Nadia from a mugger. Why does Desmond get his flashes? Who was that old woman who told Desmond his destiny and how did she know so much? Is time travel really happening? Is the Island really in another dimension/world or just hidden from view in ours? What is Mittelos up to? Why do pregnant women die? Is Dharma still extant and trying to make contact, if not where did the food drop come from? And by the way, where did all the kidnapped kids go when the Others left Otherville? Ugh...I would have been happy with an answer to just ONE of these!! Still so many riddles wrapped in enigmas wrapped in mysteries. I feel like this was just a repeat of last season’s finale, where in the final moment some contact was made with the outside world. It’s basically the exact same thing...another fleeting glimpse of Penny trying to make contact plus a voice on the radio this time, and we’re still stuck at square one on the island. OK, sure, we know that one day Jack will have made it off the Island but will be depressed and want to go back...BFD. Normal psychology...he misses the excitement and the fellowship, just like I didn’t want to leave my study abroad program. That’s supposed to be a shocker! If I were Jack, and Ben told me not to radio for help, I would have said “You’ve lied one too many times, but this Island is freaky enough that I might just believe you this time, but you’ve got to start answering some questions about WHY & WHAT IS GOING ON and back it up with some proof before I decide not to radio anyone.” But of course, he doesn’t ask Ben to explain anything about why he shouldn’t radio for help. And, he just lets Locke KILL Naomi (who they have zero reason to suspect is there to do anything but help them)...I mean if my old “friend” just one day showed up and knifed what I thought was a totally innocent woman in front of my face one day, I’d be a little horror stricken at what the hell came over my old pal. But he doesn’t even check her pulse or object! End of thought train for now....

Anyone who can help our heroine or her brother answer these questions is invited, nay, entreated, to do so in the comments boxes. It's going to be a loooong summer y'all.