Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Our Heroine Has a Culinary Adventure

So, I recently made the decision that Spring '07 was going to be the "Spring of the Sandwich". I have this notion that I have it in me to be a sandwich wunderkind, whipping up exotic crostini and panini with nonchalance and savoire faire.

Unfortunately, against this notion of mine, the prosecution can now point to Exhibit A: tonight's French bread filled with cannelini beans and sardines.

There was so much in the recipe that was good, like creamy butter beans, onions sauteed in chili powder and paprika, crusty french bread, lemon and fresh parsley. I don't know where I went wrong. Oh, yes, I do. Do you notice what is missing from the above list of "good"? That's right. Sardines. Those bleedin' sardines just beat every other sandwich flavor into a bruised, whimpering mess. I felt like I was eating tuna right out of the can, like a crazy cat lady. Crazy cat lady, I've no need to tell you, is NOT the response you want to a fancy sandwich.

Honestly, I am not sure if this recipe can be saved (I'm tempted to try it once more with half the called-for sardines), but I am not giving up on the platonic idea of the sardine. I am confident that I can love the anchovy and the sardine, given the right combination of ingredients and some whiz-kid preparation (much the way my friend SLB taught me to love the brussel sprout last year).

My immediate plan is to jog to Subway for some palate-cleansing Diet Coke, right from the healing soda fountain. My long term plan is to try again with some sardine-infused fragrant Thai rice. You have to love the Thai use of the euphemistic "fragrant," by which they mean, "reeks of canned fish."


Lily said...

Ok, i see several problems here:

1. There is no picture of the sandwich. MUST have a picture, specially if you are telling me you thought it was a good idea to eat a SARDINE sandwich.

2. Nicole, it is a SARDINE sandwich. SARDINE! Sardines don't even go with cheese, and cheese makes (almost) everything edible, for example: broccoli.

3. You are actually thinking about trying it again?! You have a platonic idea regarding sardines!!!? Please explain.


Nicole Genevieve said...

Lily, these are all excellent points (especially the one about cheese) which I had not considered. For some reason, which I cannot explain, I believe I am a traitor to my Italian heritage if I don't love anchovies/sardines. Something to do with the weird anchovy paste my Uncle Joey loves to eat on bread.

In future, I will include photos of my culinary exploits.

Lily said...

yeah, i can relate to the treason to heritage: it happens to me with olives.... but don't try it again, pleaseee!

Nicole Genevieve said...

wait. you don't like olives? your ancestors must feel so betrayed.