Thursday, April 12, 2007

Our Heroine Notes Family Differences

Warning! Contains spoilers, the word "weenie" and a brief discussion of quantum physics and string theory. Proceed at your own risk.

Y'all, one of my favorite parts of watching Lost is the emails that fly back and forth the next day between me, my cousin Steph, my cousin Mish and my little brother Ray. We so totally represent a hilarious spectrum of personalities

Email from our heroine (try not to be awed by it's intellectual heft):
Why does every dork on that island have a girlfriend but Sayid, the hottest and smartest of all of them?

Email excerpt from cousin Mish (she's the softy):
...I totally think we learned a lot last night.
First, we learned how utterly hot Sawyer can be when hes in love. I mean, the face he made when he saw Kate was priceless.

Email excerpt from cousin Steph (she likes old-school justice)

I HATE JULIETTE! Sayeed should have killed her when he had the chance. Is it just me but isn’t it strange that no one is making her tell them everything. As soon as I saw her I would have made her spill the beans!

Contrast all of the above with...

Email from my brother Ray (I have known him for more than 30 years, and, nope, I still don't know what to say about this. He's just freakin' awesome, I guess):

Agreed. Jack is so whipped. He sees a blonde and he starts thinking with his weenie. I too wish the Losties would ask more questions, but I’m willing to accept that doing so would put an obvious end to the show. As it is, it’s a TV show people, and we need to keep some mystery through to the end, at least of this season. I think the writers actually do a decent job of throwing us a bone by having the characters at least attempt to ask (via Sayid, who is like the audience’s representative) and then craft some quasi-credible reason for Juliet not to answer yet. We can assume that the other random Losties may have wanted or tried to ask their own questions but have been given the same brush off by Jack and Juliet for now, we just aren’t shown all the question-asking on camera.

That said, I suspect that Juliet may be a double agent. I mean, after seeing what she went through with Ben and her sister, I can’t imagine she has totally forgotten how Ben treated her and I wonder if she isn’t biding her time, doing Ben’s bidding, and secretly playing both sides waiting for her chance to break out or turn the tables. Of course, I still hope she dies a gruesome tortuous death – I’m just telling you how I think the plot may be heading.

It is very possible that Sun’s baby wasn’t implanted, but that has not been stated for sure. It was Claire who was implanted with something that could trigger an illness, so maybe Michele mixed that up. Of course the Others did view the Losties as potential moms for their experiments, so it is quite possible that they engineered Sun’s pregnancy somehow as another control test just like Claires. We must wait and see. In fact, this may be why Juliet is being planted with the continue their research on Sun just like Ethan was doing with Claire.

I am starting to think the Island is in some alternate dimension involving quantum theory of strings and wormholes. There may be designated places on the planet where you can walk through larger wormholes into this other dimension, and that is how flight 815, Desmond’s boat etc all accidentally ended up here, and why Juliet must drink the tranquilizer before her “bumpy ride” from Portland. It would explain alot and still be anchored to real accepted modern theories of physics.


BMT said...

I thought we were going to be discussing the Iliad! Not that I would have anything to contribute and of course, it would be hard to talk about wormholes. But then again I think Raymond could work it in somehow.

Nicole Genevieve said...

BMT, you're right! There has been a sharp decline in Iliad talk on this blog recently. Our heroine is working on it, but I got FOUR books in the mail from Amazon, and each one is softly, seductively calling my name. I'm going to put down Eifelheim and slowly back away from the bookcase, and focus on an Iliad post toute suite.

Frank said...

I know of some baby implanting that is happening real soon.

Nicole Genevieve said...

Please make it stop. Our heroine is holding her hands over her ears, curled in a fetal position, and singing nursery rhymes. Have mercy.