Thursday, May 24, 2007

Our Heroine Has Intestinal FORTITUDE!!! Eats PORTIONED Meals!!! Enjoys NOURISHMENT!!!

I don't know why things like this crack me up, but they do. If I had the powers of the strange like these folk(s) I would definitely run around putting the strange everywhere, including eBay. (h/t Dale Price)

Some of my favorite bits of feedback:
  • Millenia ago your merchandise roamed free. I didn't bid then and I won't now.
  • There was NO REASON for you to call my house and yell at my children. Still, A+
  • Nux VOMICA! I invoke you, BEAST! But I only do so because you are HONEST! "A++"'

Read the whole thing: eBay Feedback Profile

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Lily said...


My favorites:
"if you can guess 3 of the foods in my retainer, i'll send you a free VEGETABLE"

"i know where you have sand"