Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our Heroine Wonders When Our Long National Nightmare Will Be Over

What is wrong with these jeans? I ask y'all. If you need help, look closely at the cuffs.

As if the ubiquitous leggings craze wasn't bad enough, or the tight jeans inside boots craze, or the maternity shirt over tight pants craze, or the too-long tight pants worn with ballet flats craze. As if any and all of the current crazes weren't bad and unflattering enough, now we’re bringing back pegged jeans?! For serious? I mean, I wore those things once before, in college, and those are the pictures I look at now and shudder and think, "My G*d, what was I thinking?"

But now, suddenly, they're hot? And even preppy J.Crew approves? When will our long national nightmare be over?

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