Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Heroine Leaves You To Entertain Yourselves

For the next two days, I am working as a photographer's assistant in New York City. Because I am cool (I am not cool).

Entertain yourselves, folks, and I will return with my thoughts on Public Enemies (hint: even Christian Bale was boring, which was previously believed to be a scientific impossibility), Odd Thomas, and maybe even The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Daumen drücken mein Freundeskreis!


Robert J. Moeller said...

Hey, I randomly found your blog today and I'm glad that I did. Very interesting stuff. I'm a conservative blogger and seminary student in Chicago ( Keep up the good work!

Our Heroine said...

Robert, thanks for the kind words! I am running off to my gig for the day, so I haven't a proper chance to look at your blog, except to say a) that's a good lookin' fish! and b) I look forward to reading your thoughts on LOST.

Cheers to you in the Windy City!