Thursday, July 23, 2009

Updated: Wherein Our Heroine Learns To Her Amazement that She Has A "Look"

Last night, at Nordstrom's, one of the salesladies contributed to my never-ending struggle with ego by telling me I had a "great sense of style." She literally walked over to me and stopped me to tell me that. Then she added, "your look is both cute and comfortable." Ho! She made my life with that comment! Of course my Mum walked over and grabbed my arm and pulled me into the fitting room with her in order to save the nice saleslady from a 30 minute discourse in how I achieved "my look." (hee! I have a look!)

But now that my look has become legendary at Nordstrom's (it has not become legendary at Nordstrom's) I thought I would share with you all what I was wearing.

First - on my top half - a plain white tank from Old Navy, and over it, a delicate black ruffled cardigan from New York & Co. I can't find the cheap versions (the ones I was wearing), but here are the expensive versions from Banana Republic:

I had on a necklace too, silver, shorter, and with a little green jade shamrock charm on it. The model's necklace above is more striking than mine.

On my bottom half, I wore black flip-flips and a pair of embroidered cargo pants that are a little too big for me, so I had the waist cinched in a (mild) paper-bag effect. The embroidery and colors of the pants below are about right, but mine have a tie at the waist (uh, and my tummy wasn't showing):

Then, because the air was so humid and my hair was sticking out all over the place, I had on my head a khaki bucket hat, with all my hair hidden underneath it, like this one from the Gap:

So that was my "look." The funny thing is, I think the thing the saleslady liked was the girlie cardigan with the rugged cargoes -- but I only wore the cardigan because my orange sweatshirt was in the wash, and so I grabbed the cardigan off the back of my desk chair in case the Mall was air-conditioned. But I will never confess that to anyone, except to the three of you who read this blog.

Updated: My baby brother comes to town today in advance of my cousin J's wedding! I can't wait to see him, though I hope he isn't intimidated by my "look."

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