Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If We Are To Be Crushed, Let Us Be Crushed Gloriously

I'm one quarter of the way through The Guns of August, my exercise in learning more about the origins of World War I, and after reading the chapter on King Albert of Belgium, and how bravely he and his country faced certain devastation at the hands of the Germans, I have to say one thing: I'm happy for many things we have in the early 21st century that our forefathers in the early 20th did not, but they really believed in honor, and I'm not sure the invention of Extra-Strength Tylenol and Diet Coke makes up for our deficit. (well, maybe an ice cold Diet Coke does it - from a fountain, with lots of ice and a squeeze of lemon. That's pretty spectacular)


Frank said...

Albert I does come out well in the book... he also was a very devout Catholic and husband.

In fact, you should read his whole bio here as you will love him (check out his courtship):


Our Heroine said...

That link was unfair. Now I have the burden of two historical crushes: Alexander Hamilton and Albert I!