Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In Which Our Heroine Covets A Hat

Sometimes random link following will take you down the internet rabbit hole and land you someplace wonderful. This is what happened to me when I found Vixen Vintage a few weeks ago. I can't even remember how I found her, but she's become a daily read for me -- although she's on left coast time, so I can't read her posts til the next day :-)

The authoress, Solanah (recently married, and congratulations!) describes the blog as "musings from a vintage girl in a modern world," and sweet. fancy. moses! the whole site is just fashion pr0n for me. I would copy her look to a hair: every single dress, every pair of shoes, her hair, her makeup, her bags, even her cats-eye glasses, if I could manage to look as fabulous as she and not look (as I would) like an escaped extra from Mad Men. In fact, she absolutely inspired my look for a wedding I attended last weekend -- hot-rollered hair, red lipstick, patent-leather pumps, and an embroidered black 50's-style sundress.

Full of post-nuptial largesse, Solanah has hand-made the 1930's style topper below, and is giving it away to one of her readers. Our Heroine must have this hat, as I have the perfect dress to go with it, and even the perfect shoes. You probably want this hat too, and though I loathe competition, click here to go and enter yourselves for the giveaway.


BMT said...

I want you to know that I had great intentions of entering and giving you the hat if I won (assuming it did not look fabulous on me), but then I got intimidated by the whole idea that I probably needed some type of blogger ID and so I gave up. Also, while typing this I spilled a huge cup of italian wedding soup all over my desk, so I think it's just time to give up on the day, go home now and eat some chocolate.

Our Heroine said...

You are the truest of true friends! You even suffered hardship (in the form of spilled wedding soup) for me. Go home and eat chocolate, and I'll call you later.

Sildenafil said...

I don't know the only thing I can say is that woman is so beautiful because I like the retro style and she had it.