Friday, February 25, 2011

Die Suesseste

The most important thing that happened while this blog was on hiatus:

Our Heroine joyfully welcomed a fresh character into the panoply of people she loves: Die Suesseste.

Dear Die Suesseste,

One day when Our Heroine is old and gray (but hopefully still kicking around the place) you can read the archives of this blog and realize that auntie was just as eccentric as Mommy and Daddy told you she was. She loves you very very much and for always.

Godmother Auntie


RMK said...


RMK said...

By the way...this post is number 1 in Google results for "Suesseste"

I had to look it up.

Our Heroine said...

It's very gratifying to get two comments within one hour of my grande re-entrance!