Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Our Heroine Consults a Giant Squid

Tentacle-y goodness: Ask A Giant Squid

This being a semi-literary blog, I highly recommend the Giant Squid's advice regarding a certain "Dickens Conundrum." This quote from the inquiry made me laugh out loud.

[Tiny] Tim was quite a floater when he drifted down the dirty and wretched river which may or may not be the Thames on his days of recreation, and so Tim is placed in the ground floor of a charitable institution which remains unnamed because the previous owner of my copy pasted small pictures of a cat over every appearance of the word for reasons which are naturally quite beyond me, but didn't seem worth fretting over at the time since I was able to talk the bookseller down to fifteen for my copy, cats and all, and also the parts where a previous owner, possibly the same one, took a hole-punch and excised every noun in chapters fourteen and three, so it really was a deal as you can plainly see, Giant Squid.

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