Thursday, May 10, 2007

Our Heroine Asks, "What Could Be More Ascetical, Than a Savage Beatdown?"

I think my favorite line is, "You profess Chalcedon,
Or you take a beatin'."

Y'all, the future looks bright!


BMT said...

Someone should show that to Governor McGreevey. I like how all the kids on the floor can't hide the fact that they're cracking up.

Nicole Genevieve said...

I don't think Episcopalian seminaries are as dogmatically rigorous. The worst McGreevey can expect is some poking with a soft cushion.

Frank said...

Oh, McGreevey will get poked all right.

What do you think about Dale Jr. leaving DEI?

Nicole Genevieve said...

I think that it's time for Dale Jr. to continue his legacy the only way he knows he can—by taking the life lessons that his Dad taught him, man up, race hard, and contend for championships. Why? Do you think he's a fink?

Frank said...

Now that Nicole G, is some damn good NASCAR commentary.

I'm proud of you.