Thursday, May 3, 2007

Our Heroine Regrets that Anthony Cooper Will Not Be Sacrificed Tonight for Your Viewing Pleasure

Y'all, I am so frustrated with tonight's episode of Lost. No doubt there are bloggers out there writing screeds about what happened. Here are just a few of my thoughts as bullets (Warning: Spoilers):

  • The producers have repeatedly denied that the island's inhabitants are dead and living in Heaven/Purgatory/Hell/etc. So why do they keep feinting in that direction? I am specifically referring to Anthony Cooper's insistence tonight that they were all in Hell.

  • When did Cooper develop a Southern accent? He never had one in all the eps we've seen him in, and he suddenly developed one while talking to Sawyer. I know it was supposed to convince me that he's the con who scammed Sawyer's parents, but it called too much attention to itself.

  • If Sawyer killing Cooper fulfilled the requirements of Ben's "test," than anyone killing Cooper should have fulfilled it. Why didn't the Others just kill him if the real crux was just that Locke's. Dad. had. to. die, not that Locke hisself do the killin'?

I know the Others are supposed to be mysterious and creepy, but the writers have succeeded in only making them ridiculous, like kids playing spy-games. The most affecting episodes remain those that focus on the Losties grappling with the terrifying dangers of the Island itself. I hope the last three episodes focus more on that than the faux threat of the Others.


Lily said...

i'm kinda dissappointed in Lost too... the episodes are no longer scary...

(i've been gone, but now i'm back baby... BACK!)

Nicole Genevieve said...

how you been, pal? how's life down south?

RMK said...

You're being a bit harsh on this episode.

1. Cooper's reference to the island being hell was simply his own perception of where he was. He got into an accident and woke up in this place...what would you think? I don't think the writers expected viewers to take Cooper's opinion as the final answer as to where they are. No doubt we will one day find out the who and the how of what really brought Cooper to the island.

The southern accent thing is nitpicking. I didn't notice the accent in this episode or a lack of one in the past episodes. Maybe Cooper is such an inveterate con man that he slips in and out of accents depending on who he's talking to.

I think you are 180 degrees wrong on point #3. I thought the Others, namely Richard Alpert, made it clear that Cooper had to die by Locke's hand. Not that he just had to die. They believe that Locke is someone special, and him killing his father is some way of fulfilling this so he can take on whatever special role they foresee. Obviously if they just needed Cooper dead they would have killed him, but they are playing some game with Locke here.

RMK said...

So my powerful insights have rendered you speechless. I take it I win the debate by default. On to the next episode!