Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our Heroine is a Victim of the Last Acceptable Prejudice

I have been added to the blog roll at Frank Helps You Think It All Out, where I will remain, on probation, "as long as posts are regular and informative."

I am also informed that this blog, "Could use some more NASCAR."

Now, Frank's friend Ptolemy hasn't updated his blog, Our Man in Europe, since March 2005, and he has never been removed from the blog roll or given so much as a stern warning. Also, he writes posts about mustaches and dentistry -- whereas I write posts about velociraptors and spies. And yet, MY blog is the less exciting one? The one that needs an injection of NASCAR?

Clearly there's an undercurrent of something ugly going on here, and I think we all know what it is. The main difference between me and Frank's friend? Other than the fact he is a tall Australian guy living in London, and I am a short American girl living in New York? Exactly. The darling of Frank's blogroll has a smarty-pants, superunusual name from antiquity. Whereas the red-headed stepchild of Frank's blog roll has a totally normal, two-syllabled, bourgeois name like everybody else. Nameism: Spot It. Stop It.

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