Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Heroine Raises A Glass to St. Thomas, But Not With What You Think

Saint Thomas Aquinas once said (though I can't now find the reference) something along the lines of, "there is no sorrow on earth that a warm bath and some red wine can't alleviate a little."

I love Saint Thomas! He was so practical! But, in all seriousness, the Angelic Doctor did not have a 7-11 across the street from him the way I do, and thus he did not have 24 hour access to 32 ounce, ice cold, fountain Diet Cokes laced with lemon. Sweet cracker sandwich! There really is no trouble that those can't medicate. And that's really the only point of this post. I was simply meditating on the big, frosty, Diet Coke with lemon that I drank in Bryant Park earlier today and how happy and contented it made me feel. I wish that feeling for all of you! Go! Drink!

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