Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dispatches from Facebook: We're Team Kate, Apparently

What follows are wall postings by my family regarding the Gosselin debacle. I've never seen an episode, so all I know is what I've seen via supermarket tabloid headlines. I didn't realize Our Favorite Cousin and Little Brother both watched and had strong opinions. I was schooled this morning on FB. (warning, coarse language ahead)

Our Favorite Cousin thinks Jon Gosselin is the biggest douchebag.

Our Heroine at 9:52pm June 22
i thought it was the lady gosselin who was mean? i don't really know, i don't watch the show. wassup?

Our Favorite Cousin at 8:08am June 23
No, the lady Gosselin was just trying to take care of her 8 kids and husband! Sorry if she got a little bitchy here and there... OHHH... this is just terrible..

Our Heroine at 9:46am June 23
the man gosselin DOES seem a little immature.

Our Favorite Cousin at 9:53am June 23:
A little!! He has both ears pierced. Come on guy. Get a grip on yourself.

Little Brother at 10:49am June 23:
The only winner in this mess is Jason Mesnick. If you thought his douchebaggery would be hard to top, Jon Gosselin proved you wrong. I look forward to the cover of People in 10 years for the "Where is Jon Gosselin now?" story. My bet is 100 pounds heavier, fully bald and broke living under a bridge.

After writing that last post, Little Brother returned to his Tacitus in the original Latin.


Megan said...

I find them both kind of annoying, but I'm sure people would say that about me too if they followed me around with a camera all day.

Our Heroine said...

Megs, the thing that made me LOLz was Little Brother chiming in with both a Bachelor(ette) reference AND a Gosselin reference. Shouldn't he be writing a three-page email to me about Egyptian pagan symbolism and LOST? Or something useful like that?