Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Maureen Fiedler, You Are An Embarrassment

Sweet fancy Moses woman, get a grip on yourself:

I am mesmerized by the Iranian citizens, most of them young, who are marching in the streets of Tehran. They show courage, spirit and a deep desire for justice. I’m especially intrigued by the women, many of whom are letting their head scarves slide back on their heads. A good number, I am sure, believe that the “hijab” is not essential for Muslim women. In that highly religious nation, this crowd clearly wants a government that reflects the best of Islam, the best of what their religion has to offer.

All this makes images of St. Peter’s Square flash through my mind. I recall in the late 1990s, marching through that square with hundreds of Catholic reformers from all over the world. We too wanted justice: justice in our church, such as gender equality in all ministries, optional celibacy for priests, and the right to elect our bishops. None of us wore veils, but if we had, they would have been slipping, you can be sure. We wanted a church that reflects the best of the Catholic tradition.

In Iran, at the traditional Friday prayers on June 19th, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader who can overrule everyone else, essentially told demonstrators that the recent election was legitimate, and that they should cease and desist. He rejected demands for a new election.

It reminded of that day many years ago in St. Peter’s Square, when our message too fell on deaf ears. Neither Pope John Paul II or Benedict XVI has moved the church toward gender equality, optional celibacy or any semblance of church democracy.

A) That experience at the Vatican must have been terrible, what with the Swiss Guards beating you senseless when they weren't peppering you with bullets and B) I think the religion you are looking for is called the Episcopal Church, and they could use the membership. I promise we murderous thugs don't mind if you leave.

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Also: I don't normally comment on political-type things here, but, DUDE.


Julie D. said...

I knew I liked you. This post confirms it. :-)

Our Heroine said...

Praise from Julie D! You and Eve Tushnet are the heroines of Our Heroine. I feel like I can retire from blogging now!

Julie D. said...

Please spare my blushes ... no, wait go on ... as you can see, I'm pleased but conflicted. Flattery is so enjoyable but so very bad for my efforts at humility. :-D