Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Heroine, After Much Soul-Searching, Has Decided To Convert...

...from Dunkin Donuts to MacDonalds coffee. This decision will shock you all, enfuriate some, and delight others, but I must assure you, it was not a decision I made lightly, in fact, I have been considering this conversion for many months in my secret heart.

As I sit typing this, I am sipping on a steaming hot cup of McD's coffee, and I must confess it was this very thing - the consistent steaming hotness of their coffee - that first began to lure me away from the coffee of my youth, which is pretty spotty about temperature.

The other thing that played a role was the influence of my brother's father-in-law, a man I greatly respect in all things, but especially in matters of coffee (he brews an amazing cup), who told me several months ago that he had converted from DD to McD and had no regrets, except for the fact that McD's smells like grease and ground beef so he can't sit and read the paper there in the morning. But we agreed this was a minor theological point.

Finally, my travels within Spain played a role, as the people of this great country introduced me to cafe con leche, a drink which I promptly adored and began brewing at home, and which, over time, has gradually changed my palate to prefer a bolder coffee taste.

So that is it, good friends, I am a McDonaldsite now. I appreciate everyone who has stuck by me during this difficult time, and I will remember you all as I embark on this next, exciting phase of my coffee drinking life.


Frank said...

Brew Community Coffee- red bag w/ chickory- at home:

Our Heroine said...

Of course - of course - this coffee is made in New Orleans.